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We feature HIPPA-compliant S.M.A.R.T.SM backups that deliver superior online backup technology combined with ongoing expert assistance in the (S)etup, (M)onitoring, (A)erting, (R)estoring and (T)esting.

Our online backup plans help to protect your critical data in Windows workstations, laptops, servers, SQL databases, Exchange message stores, line-of-business applications and more. Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation of the Backup Addict service.

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Home Business

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Great package when you mix home and business on the same computer

  • 250G space
  • Works on MS Windows 7/8/10
  • High Security
  • Easy Disaster Recovery
  • Email Notifications

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Small Business

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Unlimited file backup and SQL server

  • Unlimited Space
  • Backup MS SQL Server
  • High Security
  • Easy Disaster Recovery
  • Email Notifications

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Exchange, image backup, no problem with this package

  • Small Business Features Plus
  • MS EXchange Backup
  • MS SharePoint
  • Active Directory
  • Image Backups ( Full System )

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Backup Addict Features

Strong Encryption

Built-in strong encryption, seven (7) selectable encryption methods - DES v1, DES v2, TDES, Blowfish, AES-128, AES-192, and AES-256.

Advanced Scheduling

Schedule backups by day of week, day of month, calendar day, daily, on demand, and several times a day. All from the Windows Task Schedular or ours.

Resume Failed Backups

Backups that fail because of a lost Internet connection, or some other interruption are automatically resumed at the point they stopped within sixty seconds.

Advanced File Selection Methods

The software can be set to determine which files need to be backed up using the Archive Bit, modified date of the file or our proprietary FastPick method.

HIPAA Compliant

The software is fully compliant with HIPAA. We are also PCI, SOX, and GLB compliant with no credit cards stored in any of our servers.

Open Files Agent

Back up files that are open and in use by other applications. Without this feature, files cannot be backed up if they are in use.



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