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Are You Safeguarding Your Data?
Many businesses fail to fully safeguard all of their critical computer files. Financial journals, payroll records, inventory databases, email correspondence, customer lists and marketing materials are some of the most critical files on your computer. If this information was suddenly gone, could your business survive?
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Backup Service vs. In-House Backup
A Cost/Benefit Analysis for Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs)
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Data Loss Risk Evaluation Form
Is the network and data really safe? Test it with this handy quiz. Also online at
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Data Loss Threats with RAID
The most common data loss threats, includes hardware and software failing
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Don’t be Penny-Wise and Data Foolish
In a crisis situation, online backup may be the only way to recover precious business data – your last chance to avoid a potentially catastrophic loss. Can your business really afford to trust this vital responsibility to an economy backup provider that specializes in backing up residential PCs? Don’t be a victim – choose your service provider wisely.
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Pro-Partner Fact Sheet
Only a small percentage of businesses regularly backup their computers. An even smaller number store their backup data offsite. Each year, this behavior causes thousands of businesses to suffer major financial losses due to fire, flood, theft, equipment failure and many other common catastrophes. Still, even more data is lost due to common user error. ........
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S.M.A.R.T Managed Backup Service Methodology
EvoWire uses a S.M.A.R.T. system for getting your data backed up. This PDF talks about that the letter stand for and explains just what each service component does.
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The Cost of Data Loss
The Cost of Data Loss, are you backing up like you should!
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